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Useful Software/Tools


Amazon's 'Mechanical Turk' - Tool to create surveys and collect data

PC Ibex - Free tool to create and run experiments online

CLAN (Carnegie Mellon University) - Program to analyze data in CHAT format (CHILDES,  BilingBank, AphasiaBank...)

Google Forms - User-friendly tool to create simple surveys and collect data

IPA keyboard - IPA chart / keyboard

Storyboardthat - User-friendly tool to create visual stimuli for adults or children experiments

Praat (University of Amsterdam) - Free software to analyze speech acoustically

R - Free tool for statistical analysis 

SPSS - Tool for statistical analysis 

TreeForm (UBC) - Software to draw syntactic trees 



COCA (Brigham Young University) - Corpus of American English, 1990-2012

Corpus del Español (Mark Davies) - Corpus of different varieties and registers of Spanish across several centuries

TalkBank (Carnegie Mellon University) - Speech databases for L1, L2, bilingual, SLI, or aphasia, a.o.

  • CHILDES - L1 acquisition corpora (including clinical and bilingual corpora)

  • BilngBank - Bilingual corpora

  • SLABank - L2  corpora

> How-to guide for TalkBank and CLAN (created by myself, May 2020)

Terraling (NYU, UCLA)


Other Useful Resources


APA Formatting Style Guide (Purdue University)

LinguistList - THE resource for Linguists (search for jobs, conference calls, support projects, etc.)

Ling Buzz - Archive of linguistic articles (including unpublished manuscripts)

Job Market Insights - Insights on the current academic job market (focus on Linguistics)

Academic Job Dossier - How to create a dossier for your academic job application (focus on Linguistics)

Campus Visits, Job Talks & Interviews - What to expect in the academic job application process (focus on Linguistics).


Collaborators and Departments/Labs


Isabelle Charnavel (University of Geneva)

Nina Hyams (UCLA)

Ji Young Kim (UCLA)

Minqi Liu (UCLA)

Laurel Perkins (UCLA)

Megha Sundara (UCLA)

UCLA Department of Spanish & Portuguese

UCLA Department of Linguistics

UCLA Language Acquisition Lab

UCLA Latin American Institute




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