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My name is Victoria Mateu [vɪk.ˈtɔ.ɹi.ə mə.ˈte.u]. I'm an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese.


My primary area of interest is first language acquisition (particularly Spanish morphosyntax). I am also interested in other populations (Spanish heritage speakers and L2 Learners) theoretical syntaxlanguage processing, and word prosody and the insights that cross-linguistic and acquisition data can provide on these topics.


Click the links above to access my CV, research (including downloadable papers), and teaching materials.

Recent, Current, & Upcoming events


  • Paper accepted in Cognition. 'Spanish input accelerates bilingual infants' segmentation of English words' (with Megha Sundara)​

  • Paper accepted in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 'Improving the generalizability of infant psychological research: The ManyBabies model' (with Ingmar Visser et al.)

  • Paper accepted in Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics. 'The syntax and acquisition of Mandarin sluice-like constructions' (with Minqi Liu & Nina Hyams).